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Simple Process

Step 1 | Discovery

You realize that your life insurance policy is an asset that can be sold. You contact Funds for Life to begin the process.

surveyStep 2 | Survey

Funds for Life then asks you a few questions about your policy, ownership and insured information including a list of physicians and/or medical records for underwriting.

underwritingStep 3 | Underwriting

Funds for Life may request your medical records and process your case for medical review likely by an independent life expectancy company and/or trained medical professional.

offerStep 4 | Offer

Your case manager will update you on the process and a licensed life settlement provider will convey an offer (if applicable).


Step 5 | Purchase and Funds Transfer

If you accept an offer, you will receive a purchase and sale agreement and other documents to formalize the transaction from a licensed provider. You sign the agreement and funds are placed in an escrow account at a licensed financial institution.

Your insurance carrier is notified of your sale of the policy and once they verify the sale, you get your cash from the escrow account.

Each individual scenario could be different based on the parameters of the transaction and state law.